Misguided Utilities


This set of utilities seems somewhat misguided.

Tired of writing the same old code over and over again to catch InterruptedExceptions on Thread.sleep() calls?

The example that is so proudly displayed demonstrates how the library makes it easier to sleep without having to catch and ignore those apparently useless InterruptedExceptions. What this fails to realize is that when an InterruptedException is thrown, chances are, someone is trying to shut things down or otherwise do, I dunno, something exceptional. If you're ignoring them, then you're not addressing the circumstances correctly. You certainly don't need a library to help you ignore them more effeciently.

Thread.sleep(...) doesn't throw InterruptedException just to annoy you. It's done for a reason. Understand the reason and code appropriately.


Shall we expect commons-threads.jar next?

Hani, is that you? In all seriousness its good that people are realising that anyone can start an opensource project. Commercailly, you have to survive the rigors of a capatalist market, which means by and large if your product is no good, it won't last long. The development of OpenSource projects relies not on money, but developers willing to spend time on it - net result you do get some wonderful, free projects, but you also get a whole load of useless/plain bad ones too.

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