dom4j 1.5-beta-2

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dom4j 1.5-beta-2 has been released. Maybe that'll inspire us to get a new Jaxen release out the door sooner rather than later.

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I wanted to mention a couple of problems I have with the codehaus blogs. If there is a more appropriate buglist, let me know.

I use FeedReader alpha 2.5 build 610, which works find with most all the other feeds except CodeHaus'

Problem 1. Whenever I open the page ("Read More") in FeedReader, I get a javascript error. I think it just embeds IE. Yes, I love FireFox and hate IE, but that's no excuse to not fix js errors on IE.

Problem 2. Periodically, every entry reverts back to "unread". This has just happened for yours and dions. Pretty annoying, and as I said, I only get this with the codehaus feeds.

Anyway, I like your blogs, and wanted to offer some constructive feedback.


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