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Seems like we're back in the late 90's, running on "internet time". Today, the new Java SE 7 site was revealed, much to the surprise of everyone. Note that Java SE 6 isn't shipping yet.

And I'm honestly surprised to note that it's not under an open source license.

Seriously - why not do Java SE 7 as open source? I know you couldn't start with the Codebase Formerly Known As Mustang* (CFKAM), but are we in that much of a hurry for Java 7? Start with a blank slate, and let the community watch the governance and code appear. Do the Java 7 EG like an open source project. That will take some time to get going, and by that time - according to Sun - the CFKAM will be available under an open source license. Make Java 7 open from the get-go!

* It appears the Mustang and the Dolphin were let go during Sun's last RIF


Java is being released as open source but not for a few months. I doubt you think that it should delay the community's involvement with java7.

What's Java 7? I keep looking for that JSR, but can't find it :)

I do think that if Sun wants to get people working on whatever follows Java 6, they should do it as an "Innovation Project" on the existing non-open source codebase, and (after submitting a JSR to the JCP EC) create a Java SE 7 project as open source and hopefully open governance from the start. There's no reason it should have to wait until next June, as is the current schedule.


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