Hans Muller left Sun for Adobe


The Reg is reporting that Hans Muller left Sun for Adobe. Unfortunate, given Sun's apparent move of going "all in" in this area with the Java FX strategery. (Hey, it was the main subject of the JavaOne opening keynote two years running...)

While I'm confident that Sun still has enough remaining technical chops to deliver the core technology - some of the smartest people I know work there, and work on this - I think that Sun needs to modify it's DNA and get people that not only understand how to market to the development and design community, but also create tooling for designers as Adobe (clearly) and Microsoft (to some degree) - the two companies that Sun has decided to take on, head on - have at least a decade head start on them. Hint I - this will require investing heavily now, rather than trying to limp by on the cheap. Hint II - another walled-garden OSS community ain't gonna cut it because the best OSS tooling are tools that developers built for themselves. (Eclipse, NetBeans (sorta), gcc, ant, etc...). Designers don't build these kinds of tools for themselves.

This reminds me - given the sheer number and quality of Java engineering defections (I've lost track of the world-class rockstars that are just at Google, let alone Azul, etc)... I worry about the effect this will have on Sun's ability to deliver the next rev of Java SE...


You are always so quick to dismiss Sun. You just limit your own credibility by crowing so much. I appreciate the work they do, at least they have a constructive point of view.

Crowing? There's no crowing here - it's a real worry in quite a few dimensions.



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