Rubyconf, QCon and Dreamforce

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In SF for a few days, originally to go to Rubyconf with the Gilt team, but am playing hooky to spend the day at QCon with "my people". (It's amazing how rich they manage to make the QCon agenda every time... that's not a statement about Rubyconf - they are two different beasties...)

Despite coming here and working (remotely) here for years, I'm always amazed how rich the Bay Area is for tech acrivity - walking to QCon this morning, I noticed that there's also "Dreamforce", the Salesforce conference, going on at the same time. I suspect that there's no overlap in attendees for all three (except me, I guess).

Listening to Kresten talk about his Erlang implementation on the JVM. JErlang?

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For an update on Erlang on JVM, see


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