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Sheesh. Obvious. Let me do this :


The Google indicates people have been asking for this for years!

I was just introduced to them - what a beautiful feature. Now I have to set it myself in the connection factory programmatically. Grrr

Benefit of the doubt


True story. Waiting in GCT yesterday for my wife, I was approached by a decently dressed man (sport coat, etc) who asked for money for a train ticket home to Mamaroneck or something. I don't remember exactly how he wound up w/o a CC, bank card or cash. He assured me he'd send a check.

I noted that I've done this in the past and always got burned.

"Oh, I'm a good person. I'm a religious jew."

"So was Bernie Madoff."


"Ok, maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that..."

"Restore my faith..."

I handed him the cash and a business card. We'll see what happens.

Update 2009-06-13 : Fool me twice, shame on me.

What about OSGI?

J1 2009

JavaOne time again. Got here on Sunday, as I had a panel and talk yesterday at CommunityOne. The panel was fun (Lew and Tim are always fun), and the talk went well. Consensus was that it didn't suck :) I did get a question that I didn't really address - someone was confusing sharding and partitioning, and after discussing it a bit, it's clear that I didn't represent it well. Something to work on for next time.

JavaOne has always been my favorite of the commercial conferences, but this JavaOne feels very different. Maybe it's the combination of the economy, the Oracle acquisition, and Java's maturity. Lots of my friends aren't here, and I feel very disconnected. Things feel broken, somehow. I hope it's just me.

This morning's keynote was interesting in a few ways. (I was there a little late due to late night, um, meetings, with Patrick and James....)

First, Sun 'announced' the Java Store, and what was interesting is that it's not only admittedly incomplete - the revenue collection parts aren't done - but the incompleteness was emphasized by Gosling and Schwartz. I was really surprised. Can you imagine Apple announcing 2/3-rds of a product or service? I don't fault them for not being complete (stuff happens), but that shouldn't have been a major talking point at the product announcement. They should have made it a sell to developers, explaining how this idea has legs (I'm doubtful) and getting people excited about getting involved. Instead, I'm thinking "Will these guys even get this done?" and I'm probably not the only one.

Second, it was great to have Scott McNealy on stage one last time. I thought his "JavaOne Japan" joke was a riot (I think there were 3 of us in the room that got it), and I was really surprised to see Larry Ellison there. Ellison said a few things that were interesting. First was the calling out OpenOffice and JavaFX. While I'm not a fan of OO simply due to the endless irritation over the years dealing with documents from people who mean well :) it's clear that there's still a huge potential for it in a cloud/SAAS context, and I'm honestly very interested to see what Oracle is able to do with it. Also, the logical implication of what Larry said is that JavaFX will have to be opened up (something that Simon Phipps has been pointing out for a while, AIUI), and continuing the move to make Java technology truly open (not just Free(tm)) is just great. Next, his discussion of Android and netbooks and such was puzzling. I look at Android (at least the Java runtime part) as the logical result of Sun's irrational perspective on Java ME. (Defending ME revenue is also the reason why Sun still wont' give the ASF a legitimate license to the Java SE TCK). I find the whole idea of Sun embracing Android as cognitively dissonant, unless ... I don't know. I have to think about it.

Finally, I thought that McNealy's speech touching - it must be hard to say goodbye like that. I'm going to miss the Sun that we know as it is now. I really will.

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