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preview of updates in netbeans maven support.

A new release of Mevenide for Netbeans is almost out of the door (new version 0.8 to be released in one or two weeks time). There's a few new features included in the maven project visual representation, a picture is worth 1000 words here.

Mevenide for Netbeans 0.8 screenshot

Every Maven project got a new subnode that lists all the dependencies of the given project. It visually shows the type of dependency, if it's present locally, if it's overriden.
You can view what other versions are available in the remote and local repositories, you can edit the dependencies, download the artifacts, check if javadoc and/or sources are available for dependencies etc.
Another added subnode is the Project files one, which gives shortcut access to all the project files of a maven project, no matter where these are physically present.

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