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What's new Netbeans Maven2 integration?

After re-reading the official release announcement I figured I forgot to include what's new in this version. Additionally I can go in more detail here than in the release info.

  • The biggest change since 2.0.1 is probably under the hood. The maven embedder was rewritten and building with mevenide is now exactly the same as on the command line. Gone are the problems with multiproject builds etc. Thanks goes to Jason for the rewrite.
  • The eyecandy is probably the graph of project dependencies. Transitive dependencies and easy to discover, each scope (runtime/provider/compile/test) has it's own color, the initial automatic layout is not ideal but good enough, additionally allowing you to relayout and save the changes. For screenshots see my previous blog entry
  • The project loading got optimized, now it's faster and more reliable. It never downloads it's dependencies up front. (Obviously it needs to for building, but you don't want to download dependencies of 40 projects on IDE start)
  • It's possible now to execute arbitrary goals on projects and IDE action have some default mappings. Technically it's possible to map the right goals to you "Build project" or "Run project" actions, but for now there is no UI for customizing this behaviour. To be done for next release I guess.
  • You can customize some of the maven2 user settings in the Tools/Options dialog now.
  • And of course many bugs were fixed. But of course there can and probably are more. If you find some, please file them in the bug tracking system.

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