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Hyperlinks in Maven POMs

The Maven POM file contains a lot of useful information but it's not always ready at hand. While browsing some pom.xml file and copy-pasting the url contained there, I thought there must be a better way. Why not have the URLs hyperlinked? I knew Netbeans has APIs for hyperlinking documents, took me a bit of tweaking and looking into other people's code (the netbeans.org cvs repository proved handy here. Thank you Struts support.) and here is the result.

Pressing Ctrl with a cursor over http/https url, shows a hyperlink which opens a new browser window or tab with the specified url.

The modules section of the pom can also turned into hyperlinks. Triggering that one causes the module's pom to be opened in the editor.

And it actually works also with plugin configurations as well. Opened the file referenced from the pom.

Any other places where hyperlinks could be useful in the POM?

PS: the features above will appear in the next version of mevenide2 for netbeans.

Yet another way of working with GWT in Netbeans

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A few days ago, articles on use of GWT within Netbeans appeared on planetnetbeans.org. That reminded me of an article by Robert Cooper on ONJava.com site I have read 2 weeks ago. Robert shows how to work with the Google Web Toolkit using Maven. (Maven1 to be exact) So after installing the Maven support from Mevenide into Netbeans and installing Robert's GWT Maven plugin, one should be able to easily build, run and debug your GWT application as well.

Here and here are the blog entries from planetnetbeans.org

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