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QQQ: Questionable Quiz Question


The NetBeans community quit has been announced. Question number 4 caught my eyes. Which big change was made in the project build process from NetBeans 3.6 to later versions? Mevenide is one of the answers there. You might first go for the obvious one - "it switched to Ant".
But consider this: We've done 4 releases between 3.6 and 4.0. (0.1 in July 2004, 0.2 in August, 0.3 in October and 0.4 in November 2004). In 4.0 the NetBeans project system became free. And Mevenide is the proof of that. Isn't that the biggest change in 4.0?

Don't vote for t-shirt, vote for the truth! Choose 4C.

mevenide testimonials anyone?

Have you ever used the Maven 2 support for NetBeans IDE?
Do you have something to say about it and don't mind being quoted on the project's website?
Then please send me your comments to "mkleint at codehaus dot org" and I'll add it to the "to-be-created" testimonals page.

Mevenide2: hotfix release for Nb 5.5

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Traditionally, a few serious bugs made it into the mevenide release from last week.
Also traditionally, a hotfix release ready and up on the update site.

MEVENIDE-465 activating profile on build execution has no effect
MEVENIDE-452 java.lang.AbstractMethodError: org.codehaus.mevenide.netbeans.j2ee.ejb.EjbJarImpl.getMetadataUnit()
MEVENIDE-463 Run & Debug outruns build
MEVENIDE-467 remove any webservices related templates, as they don't work
MEVENIDE-466 NPE in HyperlinkProviderImpl

Code completion in POM or profiles.xml files is limited in 5.5 due to this Netbeans bug - 87177

One year birthday of Mevenide2

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Everyone seems to celebrating birthdays nowadays. Netbeans, Eclipse, Mylar, so why not Mevenide?

Everyone is counting differently, so I decided to go by first commit. And here it is. Turns out I missed the birthday by 2 days. But anyway, after one year, 500 commits, 50k of sources and 4 releases, check out for yourself where we are now.

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