Mevenide2: hotfix release for Nb 5.5

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Traditionally, a few serious bugs made it into the mevenide release from last week.
Also traditionally, a hotfix release ready and up on the update site.

MEVENIDE-465 activating profile on build execution has no effect
MEVENIDE-452 java.lang.AbstractMethodError: org.codehaus.mevenide.netbeans.j2ee.ejb.EjbJarImpl.getMetadataUnit()
MEVENIDE-463 Run & Debug outruns build
MEVENIDE-467 remove any webservices related templates, as they don't work
MEVENIDE-466 NPE in HyperlinkProviderImpl

Code completion in POM or profiles.xml files is limited in 5.5 due to this Netbeans bug - 87177

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Thanks Milos... If it wasn't for mevenide, i would have already uninstalled NB!

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