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Maven+Hudson automation

Ever wanted to have the Continuous integration server results at your fingertips? And always just relevant to your current work? Automatically?

Jesse Glick has posted a new version of the Hudson plugin on Plugin Portal. It includes integration of issue 1643 which takes the Hudson server and job definition right from the Maven's POM file.
If you define the <ciManagement> section in your pom.xml and it's Hudson you point at, the
Hudson integration will pick up the correct URL(s) from the opened projects and automatically contact those servers. The jobs from the URLs will be considered a priority and shown in status bar if broken. Once you close the relevant projects, the Hudson support disconnects again and will stop notifying you.

To download the hudson module(s) binaries, follow these links.
Hudson module and Hudson Maven bridge

For NetBeans Module developers: It shall be fairly easy to write bridges for other NetBeans project types as well, feel free to contact me if you want to give it a try.

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