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NBM Maven Plugin 3.0 released


I'm proud to announce new release of nbm-maven-plugin. The plugin
helps with creation and building of NetBeans module projects and
NetBeans platform based applications.

= New in this release =

  • Support for full lifecycle of the NetBeans platform based applications.
  • Improved runtime dependency generation, now transitive with class
    usage checks.
  • Better repository content generation for NetBeans.org artifacts, now
    located at http://bits.netbeans.org/maven2 and contains NetBeans 6.5 binaries only.

Please note that the 3.0 version is not compatible with previous 2.6.x
releases or 2.7 alphas. Please read the upgrade notes
Complete list of issues fixed.

There are new archetypes released that work with this version of

It tool a while to get the release out (too long), but now it's finally here. Please comment, file issues, send patches.. Thanks.

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