Few notes on using maven projects at kenai.com

Because kenai.com doesn't provide any unified deployment vehicle for maven projects yet, I've tried the way suggested by Fabrizio Guidici. The following comments might help other who also attempt to do so.

I've tried to perform a release of a set of maven projects at http://kenai.com/projects/nb-maven-generators

  • if you are using mercurial as the version control of choice, then release:prepare will fail for you if the mercurial root doesn't contain the root pom.xml file. I had the projects in a subdirectory and the checkout/clone that is part of the release:prepare goal didn't find it then. I suppose that's a generic issue with mercurial+maven-scm-plugin. It attempts to tag the project, but mercurial is only capable of tagging and cloning the whole repository. I haven't tried, but I suppose releasing just one submodule might not be possible

  • If your username at kenai contains a special character, like @ in my case (milos.kleint@sun.com), you need to encode the character when running
    mvn -Dusername=milos.kleint%40sun.com -Dpassword= release:prepare
    For a complete list of url encodings, see this explanatory page
  • When doing release:perform afterward, the forked maven build needed me to confirm credentials of the svn release repository. Unfortunately the forked maven instance within release:perform doesn't have the input streams connected correctly and therefore I could not confirm the credentials are ok. A workaround I found was to perform mvn deploy:deploy-file, confirm credentials and then cancel.

  • Finally, when deploying you need to pass the username and password for the svn wagon extension via the ~/.m2/settings.xml file. See details about the exact syntax.

After a few try&error cycles, I finally managed to perform the release correctly. Hope that helps.

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